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Corrida Espacial

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Tad Trenton's Ghost disse...

I am posting this comment about a ad for a Quack-Up comic becasue I could not find a place to post for the HB Extra comic with Quack-Up. It is hard for me to find a palc to contact the author of this blog, as I do not speak the languae. Otherwise I might send an email. Anyway, I was really stunned by the Quack-Up cover, and the film strip which includes Buford, Jana, Ben Cooper, Dinky Dof, Godzooky, among others.None of these characters were avaiable in U. S. Merchendise. I REALLY want to know just how many of these comics were produced, and where to find them. Do you have more of these? Were there any with Buford on the cover? I want to knwo about these right away if you do!

Tad Trenton's Ghost disse...

Please respond to this post!

Sérgio Lehman disse...

Hi, I am the author. Thanks to your comment. The Comic HB Extra were published here in Brazil in 1978. I don't know the amount of editions, the publishing company is closed, very time ago. I think the film strip is the one. I never saw one another like this.
This comic is part of my collection. I have other comics from the same time, like Flintstones and Scooby-Doo but the film strips are the same we know.

If you want to contact me, my email is:
Thanks again